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Visual Poetry Exhibition 2010
October 2 & 3rd, Saturday & Sunday

Call: Send/ Bring: concrete/ visual poetry/ aquatic life/ mail art. Poems/artwork/photography will be shown during MaOAS 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin!

Optional Theme: Ocean Life/ Oil Spills:
Aquatic works (including environmental/ oil spill works) will be included along with works not on the theme.
Note for Madison Area Artists: Breeze In/ Breeze Out!
Performances may occur spontaneously! After hour events likely! Vegan/ Veggie Food. Wine. Beer!
Participate/ Enjoy! Email attachments or bring/ send copies/ artwork to:

Matthew Stolte
19 S Franklin St Apt 1
Madison WI 53703-3078

Matthew Stolte/Gary Barwin/ John M. Bennett/ Crg Hill/ Bill DiMichele/ Rachel Defay-Liautard/ Bruno Neiva/ Satu Kaikkonen/ Picasso Gaglione/ Andrew Topel/ Endwar/ Marco Giovenale/ Melissa Johnston/ Nico Vassilakis/ Sean Burn/ MR Rosenberg/ Jeff Crouch & Sheila Murphy/ James Chester/ Reed Altemus/ J.A. Italiano/ Revista Desliz/ C. Sita/ Sarah & Rachel Campbell/ Michael Basinski/ Luc Fierens/ Xexoxial Editions/ Luna Bisonte Prods/ David-Baptiste Chirot/ Izzy/ Lola Galla/C. Mehrl Bennett